What $200,000 Gets You In Wappingers Falls, NY

Main ShotI was recently hired by past clients to sell their Wappingers Falls home.  I helped them purchase the same house in 2011.  At the time, it was the perfect starter home for them.  They were first time buyers looking to purchase a small affordable home to start their family.  Since then, they’ve had two children and wanted to move their family to more of a neighborhood setting.

We put the home on the market for $214,845.  We had investigated the comps and determined that the market value was approximately $200,000.  Being that they bought the house only a couple of years ago, there wasn’t much room to wiggle with negotiations.  If they didn’t receive an offer of at least $200,000, they wouldn’t have enough for the down payment of the next house.  This was going to be tight and if we were to have any chance at success they were   Continue reading What $200,000 Gets You In Wappingers Falls, NY

What $400,000 Gets You In Yonkers, NY

18 sunlight  There is no question that Yonkers is one of the hottest markets in Westchester County.   Buyers are becoming quite frustrated as the inventory has dwindled drastically.  First time buyers are disappointed going from what they see on HGTV to a reality where basically none of the houses are qualifying as their “dream home”.  To top that off, of the few homes that are out there, a bidding war is practically inevitable.  I can’t remember the last transaction I was part of that didn’t involve multiple offers.

Forms We Make You Sign – NYS Agency Disclosure

There are several disclosure and agreemnents buyers and sellers are required to sign throughout the home buying/selling process. The first one I’ll explain is the NYS Agency Disclosure form. It’s quick, simple and painless. However, it’s quite intimidating for younger buyers to be asked by an unfamiliar face for a signature, especially when first meeting them.

The state requires that we have all parties sign this disclosure. It’s purpose is to make consumers aware of who the agent is working for. This is not a contract and does not bind any parties to any agent. It’s Simply a disclosure.

A copy of the form can be found here:

NYS Agency Disclosure Form

How To Get A FREE MacBook Pro… And What That Has To Do With Selling Your Home

macbookI recently received my free MacBook Pro laptop in the mail the other day.  For full disclosure, it probably cost me about $60 or so.  After posting this on Facebook I received many requests asking for directions on how to do this.  I responded by saying that I would write a blog post with the details because it’s way too much to enter into that little status field.  At first, I was hesitant to put this on my real estate blog as it has nothing at all to do with real estate.  Then it hit me…  there certainly are many similarities between getting my free laptop and getting houses sold.  If you want a free MacBook Pro, or know of anyone that may be selling their home in the near future, please read this article in its entirety.

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