What $200,000 Gets You In Wappingers Falls, NY

Main ShotI was recently hired by past clients to sell their Wappingers Falls home.  I helped them purchase the same house in 2011.  At the time, it was the perfect starter home for them.  They were first time buyers looking to purchase a small affordable home to start their family.  Since then, they’ve had two children and wanted to move their family to more of a neighborhood setting.

We put the home on the market for $214,845.  We had investigated the comps and determined that the market value was approximately $200,000.  Being that they bought the house only a couple of years ago, there wasn’t much room to wiggle with negotiations.  If they didn’t receive an offer of at least $200,000, they wouldn’t have enough for the down payment of the next house.  This was going to be tight and if we were to have any chance at success they were   Continue reading What $200,000 Gets You In Wappingers Falls, NY